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Love: from Byrd to Bernstein

Stanton Harcourt Village Hall

Main Choir


Aileen Thomson (soprano)

Music Director

Terry McNamara

Works Performed

Handel - Acis & Galatea excerpts: Mourn, all ye muses; Must I my Acis still bemoan?; Heart, the seat of soft delight; Galatea, dry your tears.

Bennet - Weep, O mine eyes

Byrd - I thought that love had been a boy

Finzi - My spirit sang all day

Elgar - As torrents in summer

Gilbert & Sullivan - When a wooer goes a-wooing

Gilbert & Sullivan - Four G&S songs, arranged by the Kings Singers: Brightly dawns our wedding day; Here's a howdy-do; Tit willow; Ah, leave me not.

Balfe - Come into the garden, Maud

Stilgoe/Skellern - Joyce the librarian

Flanders & Swann - Have some madeira, m'dear

Flanders & Swann - The hippopotamus song

Bridge - The goslings

Bernstein (arranged by Len Thomas) - West Side Story choral medley

Love: from Byrd to Bernstein
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