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Social Events

There has always been a strong social element, which has made the Society remarkably cohesive over its 30-odd years.   Not to be missed are the Summer and New Year parties.   At the summer one, we usually just enjoy the food, wine and conversation on a balmy summer evening (British weather willing), while in the winter there’s a short programme of light-hearted songs to accompany the refreshments.  Twice a term, the choir finishes its rehearsal early to give time for a drink and chat.

The choir’s link with L’Ensemble Vocal Montéclair in France has resulted a series of reciprocal visits by groups from LWCS to Langres, and vice versa. Non-singing partners of LWCS choir-members have been welcome also to join the trips to Langres and enjoy the fabulous French hospitality, with several long-term friendships being forged as a result.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, social activities were curtailed, but the Society has now returned to holding them.

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