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The choir meets during school term-times on Monday evenings from 7.45 – 9.30 pm.  Rehearsals are held in Witney Congregational Church, Welch Way, Witney OX28 6JF.  There is no parking at the church itself, but there is free evening parking at nearby carparks – either at the Marriotts Walk shopping centre (near Cineworld) or the Woolgate Centre (near Waitrose).

Rehearsals are busy times, when it’s rare to have more than a couple of minutes when your attention isn’t fully engaged.  We take the music seriously, but do not take ourselves too seriously.  There is a lot of self-deprecating humour and outright guffaws, often led by the more disreputable end of the bass section when someone says something unintentionally funny.  Our Music Director has managed to perfect a kind of beautifully judged mockery, but said with a smile, delivered with a lightness of touch and which you cannot help laughing at.  We do our best to keep the atmosphere friendly and supportive, so no one is left behind.  

I joined LWCS when my children were old enough to have a baby sitter.  They are now all grown up and have homes of their own, and I am still a member.  A Monday evening is my time to immerse myself in something I really enjoy doing, with a friendly group of like-minded people. 

Jenny M

We also provide pointers to a variety of online resources, such as Choralia and Cyberbass, to help people learn their parts at home.  Which we all do.  Of course.  Weekly bulletins let those who couldn’t make it to a particular rehearsal know what they missed, and most people are very committed. This means that the satisfaction quotient is high and choir members come away feeling they’ve achieved a lot in a short time.


Intent on checking out a few choirs, I started with the LWCS and went no further; tops in friendliness and tops in music. Terry McNamara our Music Director, is second to none... and great fun!


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